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Satisfactory: How to Install Mods

2020-06-08 09:59:33

With our Satisfactory guide you will learn more about How to install Mods with precise details.

What is there to know about Mods in Satisfactory?

The things that we can do in this game with the Mods have no limits, reaching such a point, it is not possible for us to fail the content and the tasks to be performed, the Mods are easy to install, in this specific guide the explanation will be treated From How to install Mods, although it may be simple, it is good that we have support to be sure of what we are doing, therefore we pay close attention to the content that follows.

How to install Mods in Satisfactory?

Our first step is to download the Mods, for this we seek to download the launcher on our computer, we will go to GitHub and look for the latest version to download, the .exe file specifically, having it downloaded, what we will do is the execution of this file so that it is installed, opening automatically later, in which case we ourselves are going to open it from our start menu.

Already being open, we have that at the top of the screen there are some options, which we do not have to make any changes, just that they are about the version and the configuration file, below we have access to the different mods that are Available at this moment, with the order button and filter it is possible that we have an order between the downloads, views, popular and the date in relation to the latest version, by pressing the blue install button we will be able to install a mod , it must be taken into account that there are previous mods for other versions of the game, being already installed we are only going to start the game in the upper part of the window, in order to play the Modded Satisfactory, in addition, it is possible that we make changes between the configurations and even removal of mods.

Now that you know how to install Mods with these steps, just apply them and continue enjoying and progressing while you are in Satisfactory.

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