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Guide to learn how to group units in groups in Command and Conquer Remastered

  For many players this will be the first time they have played through this particular piece of RTS history. The remaster adds a fresh coat of paint to the game, adds support for modern resolutions, and takes a bit of a look at the user interface.

With the new remastering of the game you can see that it still retains many traditional things, ignoring even options that it brings in games of the same genre today.

This is because Command and Conquer Remastered still allows you to do one of the most useful things in real-time strategy games, which allows you to group units into groups, and then quickly switch between them with the push of a button.
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How to group units into groups

Highlight a group of units by right-clicking and dragging it across the screen, cover the units you want in the group.

Then press Ctrl and a number key to assign all of those units to a group.

Each number key will instantly select all units in that group when you press it. You can assign up to ten different groups with the keys 1 to 0.

Once you know how to do it you can do it to your liking or simply by guiding yourself as other players do, for example, some people like to assign only the same type of unit to a group, while others like to create small battalions of varied units to move to new parts of the map, all that will depend on you and the strategy you want to create.

 Once you learn how to group units into groups in Command and Conquer Remastered you should keep in mind that it will always be a good idea to be aware of the strengths of each group you make and to keep them away from any threats that are not adequate to combat. With this said, Luck!

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