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Our work at Sea of ​​Thieves simply lets us know how to beat Captain Flameheart Yaqui, we explain how to do it.

Who is Captain Flameheart in Sea of ​​Thieves?

This is just an enemy of our work and focused on the sea of ​​thieves, because he is simply well equipped with a huge fleet of ghost ships that surround the island, our job is to manage to shoot down all the ships until he reaches the captain's. Well, this is immersed in the world event where we can have the opportunity to see a large hat and a skull with an orange beard in the sky.

How to beat Captain Flameheart in Sea of ​​Thieves?

Our task here is to survive and we are presented with the option of doing it with 4 waves, the crew is usually a bit more worrisome as we get closer to our enemy, but we always try to be strong because the idea is to finish this event.

Wave number 1.

In this part of the fight to know how to beat Captain Flameheart we focus specifically on grumpy protocols, these are obviously somewhat easier to shoot down, because it is possible to have the possibility of obtaining some directly direct from the cannonball, since in total It is necessary to face 7 grumpies, these are particularly simple because they are made of wood, as they carry some condemned, in addition to some seagulls which we can choose to get for us, even when this may involve an effort with the encounter with Captain Corazón of flame

Wave number 2.

We have already taken a first step with some grumpy ships, but this is not enough for our task on How to beat Captain Flameheart, however we still have the Ashen Dragon Ghost Ships, these are very small and have the same amount of health as the grumpy but often fire some cannons that manage to generate at least 10 hits to our cannonballs, then proceed to disappear and make way for the next wave in Sea of ​​Thieves.
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    Wave number 3.

    Here we can see that there is a lot of similarity with the first one but we can take some time to consider it, especially since here we find 7 crane ships, then it will be necessary to proceed to take some storage boxes for convicts, since it is possible to obtain some cases for these sides, giving way to our task on How to Beat Captain Flameheart

    Wave number 4.

    This is the last phase of our fight, perhaps the strongest but also the decisive one, because it allows us to come out on top and this implies choosing to defeat Burning Blade which implies getting less minus 24 direct hits that lose us disappear, because the ideal is To do so after having fought with the captains and managing to shoot down the Ashen Dragon Ships, because this implies having shot down the ghost captains in Sea or Thieves, as well as going against the Flame Heart as well as the Burning Blade.

    This is a global event in which we can incorporate ships from other players, because they can be our allies, in addition it is necessary to consider that completing this event and defeating Captain Flameheart opens the opportunity to get loot after having captured any of the Strong ships of our enemies since these usually have a lot of loot and will be shown by ghosts. It is necessary to be careful because these allies can also betray us and fight to keep the loot that much effort has cost us.

    In this sense, knowing how to beat Captain Flameheart is simply a great effort, but if we do it well we will achieve an interesting loot in Sea of ​​Thieves.

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