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Angel Marquez
2021-03-30 16:29:57

More about: Evil Genius 2

Today we bring you a Evil Genius 2 guide where we will explain how to execute schemes.

What to know about Evil Genius 2?

At some point we may want more than we can in our operations, which can cause us great setbacks, but if we have an adequate management of our plans it is possible to achieve success, for this we have to focus on the management of our subjects while we go. Progressing, which leads us to take into account How to execute schemes and for this we see the following content very carefully.

How to run schematics in Evil Genius 2?

Regarding how to execute schemes, it is vitally important that we have unlocked access to the world map, which will allow the creation of a series of criminal networks in Evil Genius 2 in the explored areas, for this requires the creation of a control room and that this full of radio repeaters, which allows us to have a transmission force, this being necessary when exploring a region, once we have progressed it is possible to access better objects to have a better transmission, meanwhile we work with what that we have, after doing this we will notice that in How to execute schemes, we are presented with a couple of scheme icons in the area, these are purple and yellow, when our criminal networks have been improved we will be able to access others, the function of criminal operations in Evil Genius 2 are responsible for the accumulation of heat over time, thus achieving that when investigated they close our operation, in So it is vital that the heat is kept at low levels, it must be considered that if the rewards are better, there will be more heat.
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Certainly the largest amount of money is found by the yellow schemes, thus achieving 20,000 gold in just about 20 minutes, considering that the shorter ones represent less profit, it should be noted about the subjects that they have a cost to pay when sending them To complete a plan in Evil Genius 2, which makes us focus both on the calos and on the subjects, to make things easier for us, we have that the purple schemes manage to reduce the heat in that area in which we have our global operations, of course this will take time and a cost in subjects, but it is ideal to use this option when our heat is seen at 20 percent of the top of our criminal network, the use of gold may be appropriate because it does not require subjects, managing to do many things that go from improving our lair, research and recruitment of minions for the replenishment of our ranks, then on How to execute schemes becomes a priority the minions s.

The consumption of the subjects is vital for our plans in terms of how to execute schemes, so maximizing the amount of them is essential, therefore we must build barracks and lockers, which will increase our capacity, being the lockers the way faster to carry out our expansion, with this we will have many advantages such as long-term recovery, the ideal for the execution of schemes is at least 100 subjects, thus managing to execute 3 to 4 plans at the same time in Evil Genius 2, highlighting Our focus on those that allow us to achieve better rewards, it certainly generates a lot of heat, but it is possible to make changes of plan at any moment, then losing the subjects with any of the strategies, it is important to always keep the heat low for this is ideal to know that the rewards come to be the heat, a plan that makes the heat levels fall is the ideal after having gone through the plans they make rise to the top, for the execution of the schemes this we must make it a habit to achieve success.

Finally, now that we know how to run schematics we can move on to Evil Genius 2.

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