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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-30 16:29:33

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Subverse has arrived and therefore it is convenient to tell you how to beat Tibold’s Battleship, let's see.

What is the Tibold Battleship in Subverse?

This is simply a cruiser that tends to attack us in an extremely ferocious way, as this embarks us in a type of fight where it is usually vital to face the enemies, so that knowing how to defeat the battleship of Tibold makes us embark on a fight against the king. Pirate who is in charge of recovering the properties that we have stolen from him.

Knowing how to beat Tibold's battleship is a necessary task in this adventure, as it is necessary to have some experience in executing shots, this will make this fight in Subverse not an extremely complicated matter, however, the lack of experience in some circumstances can represent a challenge, it is good to know that this activity usually occurs in a particular section of history where we get a ship precisely led by Tobold, in this sense it is necessary to specify that we must be vigilant because this fight usually give you in three stages.
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How to beat Tibold's battleship in Subverse?

 Stage 1: this usually contains three types of attacks, and it is necessary to be as attentive as possible, in this sense it is necessary to consider:


  •  First: A dispersion of three shots that are usually directed against us is one of those types of attacks with which we will get in this fight in Subverse, it is possible to dodge them for which it will only be necessary to be in charge of flying.
  • Second: The rotating cannons are another attack that this enemy has, in this sense it is necessary to focus on making some shots at the double missiles in order to avoid the impact, to achieve this it is necessary to take care of firing the missile with the right button of the mouse when the option is available to us, it is necessary to be able to position our main ship in such a way that our weapon can be in front and in this way we can execute shots.
  • Third: this enemy has the possibility of having double trajectory missiles, for this it is necessary to defend ourselves with some shots, it is also important to be careful, because the battleship when affected and with a health of 66 percent usually leaves the place and we it will leave you with some smaller enemies in Subverse that you need to fight with.


 Stage 2: we continue working on knowing how to defeat Tibold's battleship and this usually occurs after having eliminated the small enemies of the previous stage, here this enemy will be in charge of making use of the rotating cannons with more forcefulness, also will have the possibility of firing lasers that usually do us a lot of damage, but this does not stop there because it will move your ship in order to get closer and catch us, in this sense it is vital to choose to stay as close to the rock as possible because this will prevent you from getting closer, once we see that this stops, it is vital to take advantage of the time to execute our respective shots, this can leave you with 33 percent health and in this way opens the way to a third stage in Subverse, and make your way to more small enemies.

Stage 3: this is the last phase of this fight, and obviously it will try to charge against us in a forceful way, since it will bet on two particular attacks, since it can make use of a mortar which is easy to avoid, in addition it will launch three rays that usually arch out, which makes turning the ship an important enough action and make sure to stay ahead of the enemy, for this we must focus on making use of the impulse button, and choose to continue executing blows to the ship to knock it down and this way get activate the next section.


This is all you need to know about How to beat Tibold's battleship, as this makes us embark on a complex fight in Subverse.

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