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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-30 17:11:28

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Knowing how to use your Minions is a necessary task to execute in Evil Genius 2, let's see.

What are the minions in Evil Genius 2?

These are simply subjects that we have in this game and they have various tasks to perform for us, even though they do not necessarily usually receive direct orders, it is possible to generate some kind of occupations, for this it is necessary to use the "Minion Manager", this It will make them controllable by us, in such a way that knowing how to use your Minions should not become a complicated activity, or remote, since they will be as active as possible in various activities such as some eventualities that usually occur on a regular basis. .
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How to use your Minions in Evil Genius 2?

There is the possibility of training advanced minions, even when they are usually below the duly established value, it is possible to train them to perform some necessary tasks, it is possible to find various objects while your minions are in the learning process, as some blackboards can be observed , guard tables among other implements, for which it is pertinent that you select a subject from the list for an activity where there are specific options, here there is no need to indicate to the guard any particular activity to perform, because with minions there is the possibility to keep the guard happy because they will keep doing some simple but vital activities.

Minions usually take care of tasks when it is really necessary, that is, in almost extreme cases, therefore this means that food for them should not be a major concern, they work in activities that are not necessarily direct, because things as simple as getting rid of bags Corpses are usually the most visible, only they will not take them, they will only choose to make some number of cats appear and they will be the ones in charge, that is, the minions simply function as a type of intermediary, it will only be enough to manage subjects to implement some chores and voila.

 This is everything we know so far about how to use your Minions in a way that they are vital pieces in Evil Genius 2 that you can take advantage of.

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Rebellion Developments
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