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Evil Genius 2 is simply fantastic, it allows us to explain to you today how to brainwash.

What is the purpose of brainwashing in Evil Genius 2?

We are immersed in a world where being a villain is the most relevant role, it is the protagonist, totally a parallel world, because the idea is to always keep the balance in our favor, in this sense, knowing how to brainwash leads us to charge against our enemies just for the purpose that they work for us, because sometimes the minions can be somewhat expensive and there is nothing more attractive than dominating others for an extremely low price.

How to brainwash on Evil Genius 2?

There are two ways to achieve this and these are:

  • Through to brainwash 2000.
  • Keep them locked up in a holding cell.

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    Whichever option we apply, it can be quite favorable to achieve the objective, it will only be enough to buy one of these two objects, this makes it necessary to choose to make the prison expand a bit, we can get upper or lower floors of our guard, it is also necessary to carry out a respective recruitment, for this it will only be enough to wait a little, because there are passions in which some soldiers have the agility to approach in order to invade and that is where we can take advantage of to capture them Sometimes eliminating these invaders is usually presented as the best action because this will generate greater inconvenience, however, it is feasible to brainwash them in order for them to work for us without having to cancel anything.

    Capture a good amount of enemy soldiers could represent an excellent advantage, this allows us to supply ourselves with several henchmen, to achieve this it will only be necessary to accompany him to the cell or even to brainwash once we have stopped them, this allows a transformation process to take place mental to the point that this agent will be in charge of working for us and will do whatever work is assigned to him without questioning anything, we can train them to be our subjects, they also come out cheap because we do not need to invest any money in them, in this sense, It is necessary to consider having a considerable number of cells to make any agent that approaches instead of eliminating it, they can work for us.

    This is simply all you need to know about brainwashing, as you only need to do a little work on Evil Genius 2 and you're done.

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