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Angel Marquez
2021-03-30 15:25:18

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We welcome you to our Evil Genius 2 guide, where we will talk about How to get more power.

What to know about the power in Evil Genius 2?

It is something necessary for the correct operation of our base, the lights off can be an obstacle, so if we do not want to see our plans stopped it is necessary that to reinforce them we understand how to obtain more power and it is from here that this guide has the Orientation paper, you just have to take into account the following content.
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How to get more power in Evil Genius 2?

Being so dependent on power it is important that we expand our lair to have a better performance, but it must be noted how expensive in power this becomes, if we do so it is possible that we are exceeding the limits of power, so that it does not happen there is We have to make expansions of our power plant in Evil Genius 2, taking into account that the basic generator has a cost of 10 power each, only that the change is 3000 the cost of gold for its construction, our needs at the beginning can be covered with the construction of a power plant and that we fill it with generators, thereby generating much more power and meeting our priorities.

Through the research menu we have the lair tab, which allows us to have a couple of generators, this is at level 2, so it requires completing the investigations of level 1, which will take us in terms of How to obtain more power to have access to the schemes, keeping in mind that 20,000 gold is the cost to pay for a nuclear generator, gaining with this 20 of power, the final improvement is up to level 4, which requires that we complete 6 nodes of the investigation, starting then from any of the tabs we will develop our device to be able to unlock the access that allows us to obtain a better generator, we must always bear in mind that the forces of justice will come through our power plant, due to the lack of power we can be at its mercy, the use of traps and other things can be of support in the defense of our system, it is opportune to install doors, security cameras and We are sure to have adequate power levels so that we do not run out of it.

 Finally, now that we know how to get more power we can continue to progress our domain plans in Evil Genius 2.

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