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2021-03-30 08:16:14

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Monster Hunter Rise is a very lively game and today it leads us to discover how to get Electro Sac.

What to know about Monster Hunter Rise?

In order to use materials, manufacture of weapons and armor that are strong and improved throughout the series, the central purpose is to hunt monsters, among the materials there is a specific one that leads us to seek to understand how to get Electro Sac and to Therefore, we have the explanatory content of this guide below.
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How to get Electro Sac in Monster Hunter Rise?

Our purpose of knowing how to get Electro Sac goes through the fact of a level 4 rarity, which is considered an organ that stores electricity, for this we have to fight with one of the flying wyverns, which is Khezu, we must having reached the 3-star missions to be able to access this confrontation, specifically the enemy mission without a face in the frost islands, considering that the threat level that Khezu has is 2 stars, the reward for defeating him may be the fall of the Electro Sac, only with an 18 percent chance of it being the case, which can put us in a position to face this monster on several occasions, however we can improve the chances of a fall in the sum of another 18 percent by doing that Khezu falls into a crash or fall trap, having a separate 15 percent chance that by killing him the object will be sculpted.

The best option is that we capture this monster, something that works in a similar way as in previous installments, for this is when we take a type of trap and 2 minimum Tranq bombs into combat, when we manage to weaken it, a colored icon will appear blue under its image, which will allow us to indicate that we can capture it, then we place the trap, when falling into this is when we launch the Tranq bombs, thus achieving the completed mission and obtaining the object reward adding to it the corresponding one for the capture, being you are very rare for something that is interesting to do like capturing a monster.

 We can conclude that knowing how to get Electro Sac is easier than thought, you just have to apply what you have learned and continue advancing in Monster Hunter Rise.

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