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Angel Marquez
2021-03-31 13:19:30

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The new challenges in Fortnite lead us to explain where to find the Raptors.

What to know about the Raptors in Fortnite?

With the arrival of patch 16.10 for the game we have that a new animal of prehistoric variety is added, the Raptors are a reality from now on, which has made the battle royale have the name for this occasion of Primal, we have certainly seen many changes, but now it is added to it even the elaboration of primal weapons, geographies alterations and much more, in this season 6 the new animals now bring one of greater lethality, which makes us want to understand Where to find the Raptors and for that, just enough So let's focus on the following content, so let's do it carefully.

Where to find the Raptors in Fortnite?

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During each game the location of the Raptors varies by Fortnite, so to find them we depend on some luck, it is possible that now there are other players with the same objective, close to the dinosaur eggs may be an option according to reports, only that These are scattered, so focusing on these locations will be appropriate, it should be noted when seeing one of these Raptors that emit a screech to call their companions, so we must be prepared, these animals keep moving in pairs, and they are capable of attacking us, causing 20 to 30 damage for each hit, but we can tame them in the same way as wolves and wild boars, then having some experience that we can apply, the steps are the following in general to solve Where find the Raptors.

Once we eliminate an animal, we take the meat that it leaves behind.

Close to the hatched eggs we find the Raptor, they are kept in a herd, we throw the meat near them, and we hide.

Once he is distracted we approach it and with the interaction button we domesticate it.

It is also possible to count on the manufacture of a hunter's cape to get closer without using the meat, this cape makes us invisible to the animals, making it easier to domesticate, but in this case at least one meat and a couple of bones are required. For the manufacture of this layer.

This is all you need to know about Where to find the Raptors, it only remains to apply what has been explained and progress in this challenge in Fortnite.

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