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2021-01-19 08:04:46

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We continue here and prepare with a Everspace 2 guide where we focus on explaining to you How to get the distractor in ceto outer rim

What to know about the distractor on the keto outer edge in Everspace 2?

This game makes us work on a fascinating adventure and as we progress we realize that some distractors are broken, although the keto outer edge is a bit difficult to get because we do not get some waypoint that allows us to enter, we must manage to manage, and proceed to look for an option that allows us to hide our base again.

How to get the distractor in ceto outer rim in Everspace 2?

It is important to make it clear that this is a task that must be started at the "Flying Dutchman" station, once located in this place it is necessary to follow these steps:
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  • Look up on the left side where there is a shipwreck.
  • Then we are allowed to find an asteroid that is floating and that is where we get the distractor.
  • We must be able to eliminate all the plants that grow in the distractor, as this allows us to enhance the signal and thus we can complete the mission.

Once we manage to find the distractor and put it into operation, it is possible to choose to explore the area, because in the shipwreck there are some activities that we can perform perfectly well, however, it is important to be careful and this is because there are some number of mines, they have the function of protecting this enemy base, the good thing is that these mines are located by the right which allows us to move through other areas to get rid of the turrets, it is possible to loot the containers, but we cannot take this task on lightly, then, here it is possible that enemy drones appear as soon as we have attacked the mines, we just have to get the escape capsule and flee to finish the task.

This is all we can tell you about how to
get the distractor in ceto outer rim, an important mission and one that we must be careful with in Everscape 2.