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Angel Marquez
2021-01-20 14:46:21

More about: Everspace 2

Find out how to break open the hardened ore patch to achieve Everspace 2 advance.

What to know about Everspace 2?

 When we are exploring we have to reach a mining station, this happens near the plains of Nephtys, it is necessary here to open the hardened mineral zone, but it is necessary that we go through an existing patch, it consists of one of the puzzles that are presented to us in the game, now it is necessary to know how to break the hardened mineral patch and that is what will be explained below.

How to break open the hardened ore patch in Everspace 2?

 We will notice a steroid being pierced by a mining laser close to where the hardened mineral is, this steroid is full of detonators, which will be useful to blow it up, but to achieve it happens by arming them, we will see that they are chained, each one to be armed starts in 5 seconds, this period of time being the one required to assemble another, if the time reaches 0 you have to start again, the order will not matter when it comes to assembling them, then our approach is around the asteroid doing this, when we do we retreat to see it explode, which allows the release of the laser and can be fired.
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We will notice that apart from the mining laser we can reach the back where there is a reflector panel, which can be removed and sent to the first laser, it is necessary to fly very carefully, in order to use the reflective shield so that it bounces the laser and be able to break the hardened mineral patch, we will aim our camera directly at the laser, with our ship between them, which will end up hitting the patch with the laser and will be broken, accessing some resources and reward.

  We hope that the information detailed here on How to break open the hardened ore patch has been useful to have fun in Everspace 2.

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