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Angel Marquez
2021-01-19 15:28:44

More about: Everspace 2

Delve into the universe of Everspace 2, because we come to tell you How to dismantle Items.

What to know about Everspace 2?

Taking into account the important role that ships play in this game in order to progress, we must have the materials that they require, where dismantling elements has a very important use, but it is necessary that we have the ability unlocked, then it is timely to know how to dismantle Items and we will see the precise details below.

How to dismantle items in Everspace 2?

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A loading unit is necessary for the dismantling of the elements, being the simplest way since we started in the game, we are presented with different mechanics with which we will work in the game from the beginning, we will know of 2 trading posts for purchases, while in the case of the cargo unit it takes us to the exchange posts, once we buy it we will see how to increase the capacity of our inventory, the ability to manufacture the objects and the power to dismantle them, we must consider that not all The objects can be dismantled, seeing that these are specifically weapons, armor and equipment, now to know if an object can be dismantled, we just have to move the cursor over the object, and we will see if the option appears, if so we install the unit load, and we start working holding down the X to do it.

In this way we finalize our Everspace 2 guide, now you know how to dismantle Items, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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