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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-17 15:34:57

More about: Elder Scrolls Online

Today we bring a Elder Scrolls Online guide where we will tell you how to reset attributes.

Why reset tributes in Elder Scrolls Online?

This game usually has an attribute change system and this is part of its nature, so knowing how to reset attributes leads us to consider three possible viable options to get them and proceed to reassign them as we see fit.

These attributes that we can reset are:


  •   Magicka.
  • Health.
  • Endurance.


How to reset attributes in Elder Scrolls Online?

It is necessary to take into account that there are three methods that can be applied to achieve this and this implies:
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Choose to pray at the shrines in Tamriel: this is a first method that can be applied to restore attributes, in this case we must take a look at a shrine, to our good fortune the main cities usually have one, this in order to get to interact with the gods by giving them an offering, according to the location where we are there are different gods each with their respective altar, it is only necessary to take care of checking the status that we want to restore, this because we must have security with relation to the gold cost of the surrender that we will have to offer.

Choose to use the armory system in our favor
: we are still immersed in the task of knowing how to restore attributes, for this we must be able to interact with the Armory station that is in the Crown Store for free, we are allowed to count with the ability to switch between different constructions, influence the curse state, the armor, the skill points and of course our objective which are the attributes, so making it work is vital and for this we must leave one of the slots of the totally empty armory, doing so allows us to shit the character for free, eliminating the armor that is equipped now, then we can reequip it and count again with the skill points and of course, the attributes.

Buy an attribute readjustment scroll in the Crown shop: this is a last option that can be applied in Elder Scrolls Online, to make this purchase it is necessary to go to the Crown Shop, but this purchase could be very expensive, the scroll It has a value of 700 Crowns, which is equivalent to almost half of what we get for each month of subscription to ECO Plus, so I do not particularly recommend this method, however, you are free to do so.

 We end this guide on How to restore attributes, so that it will only be enough to alleviate some of the methods and thus have the maximum attributes in Elder Scrolls Online.

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