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Continuing with Lost Ark, this time we will tell you how to find all Mokoko seeds in Wavestrand Port, so let's get started.

What are Mokoko seeds in Lost Ark?

It is one of the collectibles that you can find in the game, being in fact the most numerous collectible. They look like fruits and have a green glow that allows you to identify them, but since they are found in many areas of the game, we will help you find the ones in Wavetrand Port below.

How to find all Mokoko seeds in Wavestrand Port in Lost Ark?

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In Wavestrand Port there are a total of eighteen Mokoko Seeds scattered throughout the dungeon, so you will have to search hard to approach and interact with each one to collect them, and the best thing is that they can all be found easily.

It will be enough to find at least six seeds in this area to complete it.

That's all there is to know about how to find all Mokoko Seeds in Wavestrand Port in Lost Ark and now that we're done, we hope you'll be able to complete this area much faster.

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