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Elder Scrolls Online offers us another search, let's see How to find Oakensoul ring leads.

What does it involve to find the Oakensoul ring leads in Elder Scrolls Online?

  Launch ourselves into a necessary search task that we must execute as we progress in this game and that allows us to increase statistics considerably, only that this requires exchanging weapons, so it is necessary to know how to find Oakensoul ring leads and to give you more details about what you should do we have brought this guide with some explanations.

How to find Oakensoul ring leads in Elder Scrolls Online?

  The first thing we must do is have unlocked the Antitank system and for this we must go to Western Skyrim, here we must talk to Verita Numida, we must have the Greymoor DLC, this allows us to get these 5 leads:

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  • Fiery Encrustations: This is a clue that can be obtained very rarely by clearing volcanic vents on Anemos and High Isle.
  • Larimar Gems: This clue usually drops randomly from Titanclaw, World Boss in Mudcrab Beach.
  • Petrified Oak Loop: We keep moving and this track is usually obtained randomly in safes in Murkmite, so that the safe does not disappear we must take care of disabling the automatic loot.
  • Sacred resin: getting this drop from the enemies in Malabel Tor is what we must do and it is usually random.
  • Stone Whelping Frame: This is usually dropped randomly by Blacksmithing Gather Nodes in Glenumbra.


 By getting the potential client we can track it, the five cables usually take us back to High Isle or Anemo, we can save time and for this we must take care of cultivating all the drops except for Igneous Inlays and return to High Isle to finish everything.

What does the Oakensoul ring do in Elder Scrolls Online?

 Now that you know how to find Oakensoul ring leads, it is necessary to know what this ring does and it is ideal for all of us who are not interested in exchanging weapons, it prevents us from using the rear bar, but in return it will give us some benefits such as:


  •  Major Berserk: 10 percent damage dealt
  • Major Courage: 430 Weapon and Spell Damage
  • Greater Brutality: 20 percent weapon damage
  • Greater Sorcery: 20 percent spell damage
  • Greater Prophecy: 12 percent critical chance with spells
  • Greater Savagery: 12 percent weapon critical chance
  • Force Major: 20 percent critical damage
  • Major Protection: -10 percent Damage Taken
  • Major Resolution: 5948 Physical and Spell Resistance
  • Minor Fortress: 15 percent health recovery
  • Minor Intellect: 15 percent Magicka recovery
  • Minor Stamina: 15 percent stamina recovery
  • Major Heroism: 3 Ultimate every 1.5 seconds.


 Now that you know How to Find Oakensoul Ring Clues you can launch into this quest and thus be properly prepared to continue progressing in Elder Scrolls Online.

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