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Crashes usually occur in all games and Elder Scrolls Online is no different, let's see How to fix Stuck on Loading Screen.

What is the loading screen problems error in Elder Scrolls Online?

This is another of the inconveniences that usually occurs in this game and that it does not allow to go from the main menu or simply after starting the game, so it is necessary to know How to fix Stuck on Loading Screen, especially considering that this problem It usually takes some time and there is no official solution, however, today we bring some alternative solutions that can be applied and thus continue to enjoy the game.

How to fix Stuck on Loading Screen in Elder Scrolls Online?

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  • Choose to restart our system: this is a solution that can be executed and this only requires turning off our console completely, waiting a few seconds before restarting to start the game as usual, this allows us to refresh and solve the problem.
  • Check the maintenance of the game: we continue talking about How to solve problems on the loading screen and we come to another answer that can be applied, if it is happening we must take into account that there is no possibility of accessing the game, to know what This process is usually taking place so it will only be enough to enter the official Twitter page of the game or, failing that, access the web portal.
  • Choose to repair the launcher: This is a repair option that is usually shown as a fairly small gear icon, although it can be achieved by selecting the Game Options tab and clicking on it to choose the repair option, once the bar repair is complete we can launch Elder Scrolls Online as usual.
  • Disable the antivirus: this is another applicable fix, this is because on many occasions antiviruses tend to classify games as possible threats and therefore this will cause the game to present problems, we just have to deactivate it and activate it again once the game has finished .
  • Update Windows drivers: this can be applied and be favorable to us, sometimes when these are usually outdated it can simply lead to failures, in this sense, it is only necessary to take care of checking possible updates on the DirectX and C web pages.
  • Uninstall Elder Scrolls Online and reinstall it: this is a fix that can be executed, but it should be our last action to perform, this allows you to fix any file that may be corrupted.

Now that you know how to fix Stuck on Loading Screen, you can apply some of the mentioned fixes in order to continue enjoying everything that Elder Scrolls Online has for you.

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