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Elder Scrolls Online offers us more to do, let's see How to beat Dreadsail Reef.

Who is Dreadsail Reef in Elder Scrolls Online?

This is another creature that is necessary to face in this game and that is usually challenging enough, so knowing how to beat Dreadsail Reef is a vital task, especially since it is a boss, we must ensure that our group can be united In order to be victorious, in this case, defeating this powerful boss implies keeping us focused on the objective and making use of the river mechanics, this boss is usually found guarding his territory from intruders.

How to beat Dreadsail Reef in Elder Scrolls Online?

This fight usually has three particular stages, and they are:

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Fighting brotherly affair: in this first stage it is necessary to be clear that there are two brothers who usually make use of various elemental attacks to decimate groups, these are called Lylanar and Turlassil, these make way for the first encounter with the boss, they are usually somewhat complex because one of the brothers has ice abilities and the other has fire abilities, we must protect ourselves from their attacks and to do so we will have to collect orbs from the side of the room, even in the last two phases of this fight in Elder Scrolls Online it is necessary to defeat the brothers, and they have the ability to summon monsters that usually fight separately, the wolves are the monster that the first brother summons, in addition to torches that can quickly catch fire, it is ideal to fight with the brothers for separate.

Destroy the reef guardian: we follow the task to know How to beat Dreadsail Reef and this makes it necessary to be attentive to the copies of himself that this boss usually makes appear, he can place lightning zones to eliminate the group, this makes it necessary to take care of it to manipulate this boss and for this we must make copies, then we will go to one of the small pools to build a gateway to the sea below and this is where one of the members of the group must make use of the element and follow the path, we can destroy the guardian and get the boss to be divided into two small parts.

Final Trail Tideborn Taleria: this will be the last fight in this encounter, we must manage to balance annoying skills and high damage, in this case we must take care of starting the confrontation as quickly as possible, throughout this fight Taleria marks the tank with a point and water orbs in the DPS, these must be cleaned before they explode.

This is all we know about How to beat Dreadsail Reef, it will only be enough to get involved in this fighting task in Elder Scrolls Online.

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