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Our guide today aims to explain to you How to get Fingerprint Grape in Elden Ring.

The Fingerprint Grape is a fundamental item in Elden Ring, necessary to progress in the Hyetta quest line. Obtaining it involves overcoming a challenge, as it requires defeating an invading NPC. However, this effort is rewarded, as completing the Hyetta quest line unlocks a unique ending to the game.

How to get Fingerprint Grape in Elden Ring?

The Fingerprint Grape is found in the Church of Inhibition, located in the Liurnia region of the Lakes. This area is a considerable distance from the initial area of ​​the game. To reach the Church of Inhibition, you can go through the Raya Lucaria Academy and follow the path that leads to the imposing stairs of the Great Dectus Elevator. It is advisable to unlock the Site of Grace located at this point.

From the Great Dectus Elevator, descend the stairs and turn left, entering a wooded area. Continue along the path that ascends the mountain slopes. It is important to proceed with caution in this area, as there is a tower that emits a bright yellow flame. Prolonged exposure to its light induces madness in the player, so it is crucial to keep the line of sight with the tower unbroken to mitigate this effect.

Moving forward, a village inhabited by enemies affected by madness will be encountered. Beyond this village, a winding path continues up the mountainside, weaving through the trees. Approaching the Church of Inhibition, the player will be invaded by Vyke, Infected Fingerprint.

Combating Vyke

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Vyke represents a formidable opponent, so it is essential to be prepared for a challenging confrontation. Her arsenal of attacks includes swift lunges with a powerful war lance and the ability to inflict madness on the player. Effective strategies to overcome this encounter include accurately dodging her attacks and looking for opportunities to counterattack.

It is crucial to pay attention to her madness magic attacks and the orange rays she throws, as these can deal significant damage and alter the player's mental state. If the player is affected by madness, it is recommended to use items that counteract this effect to regain control of the character. After defeating Vyke, it will be possible to collect the Typing Grape and Vyke's War Lance.

Purpose and Warning

The Typing Grape must be delivered to Hyetta to continue her questline. Its location varies throughout the game, depending on the player's progress in this quest. It is crucial to note that completing Hyetta's questline grants a key item that locks the player into a specific ending of the game. It is recommended to save your progress before handing over the Typing Grape if you wish to retain the freedom to choose other endings.

In conclusion, the Typing Grape is located in the Church of Inhibition in Liurnia of the Lakes and is essential to completing Hyetta's questline in Elden Ring.

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