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We welcome you to our guide on How To Launch A Nuke in Fallout 76? accurately.

How To Launch A Nuke in Fallout 76?

Access cards are necessary to launch a nuclear bomb

Nuclear Access Cards are small cards that allow players to use a launch code to unleash the wrath of a nuclear bomb located in Appalachia. Players can obtain nuclear keycards in several ways. The Whitespring Bunker is the main path. You must start a search and destroy mission. Head to the Command Center to begin a Search and Destroy mission. The Command Center is located in the Whitespring Bunker within the Military Wing. To the right of the staircase, you will see the surveillance system terminal. To initiate a search and destroy mission, use the terminal and select Nuclear Keycard Escort.

Your map will show the location of a SAC Cargobot once the mission begins. You must go to its location and take it down. After dismounting, he will drop a canister containing a Nuclear Keycard. Nuclear cards can be obtained in other ways, such as trading them with other players or as rewards during a specific season. Additionally, it is possible to obtain a series of nuclear key cards for completing specific tasks during a limited period of time; however, these cards rarely appear. Completing Search and Destroy missions is the most reliable way to obtain nuclear access cards.

It is crucial to have more than one nuclear access card when launching a nuclear bomb. A nuclear access card allows you to access even a keyboard. This is the device you need to enter the startup codes on. If you enter the wrong number, you will need to use a new access card and try again.

Methods to obtain nuclear launch codes

Three silos with three different codes

Every week there is a change in the codes needed to launch nuclear bombs. Nuclear launch codes can be obtained in two ways. The first is to chase the officers who are scorched across the wasteland. A dead officer will release a code snippet. He can use his Pip-Boy to crack the code once he has all the pieces.

However, this is time-consuming. It's much easier to just search for codes right away on websites like Falloutbuilds. After all, it can take a long time to find the scorched officers, find all the pieces of the code, and then crack the code. Considering that the codes expire after a week, it is best to search for answers online and save time.

produce biometric identification cards

Gain access to the inside of the silo.

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Launching a nuclear bomb is a difficult challenge, especially for newcomers to the discipline. Launching a nuclear bomb in company is the most effective method. However, with proper technical skills, it can be achieved in about ten minutes. To get started, visit one of the launch sites. Below are the launch site locations:

  • Starting Location: Located east of Big Fred's BBQ Shack and north of the isolated National Radio Complex.
  • Beta Location: Located east of the Poseidon PX-03 electrical substation and south of The Winding Path Palace
  • Charlie's Location: Near Mountainside Bed & Breakfast and Foundation

It doesn't matter which type of silo you choose, as they all have identical interiors. The code is the only real difference. So, make sure you have the right code for the place you will be launching a nuke. After choosing the location where you want to drop a nuke, head there and take the elevator down. Then follow the steps below. Since missile silos are quite difficult places, be sure to carry a large amount of ammunition:

  • Read the terminal displayed on your HUD and then select the security protocol: Alpha, Bravo and Charlie's Security Station
  • Read the operating instructions for the biometric system on the terminal.
  • Find an old biometric ID card. There are some everywhere.
  • Use a biometric scanner
  • To create a new biometric scanner, return to the biometric system terminal, delete the old biometric card, and use the terminal.
  • Register your new ID card at the security station terminal.
  • Reactor restart.

Avoid Robot Dodge While Repairing Pipes

You will be able to venture further into the silo once you have registered your ID card. Until a message appears telling you how to end the reactor safety lock, continue. Then follow the following steps:

  • Since this area is highly irradiated, wear a hazmat suit or wear power armor.
  • Turn off the rea ctors using the reactor control terminal.
  • Repair all pipes in the area within 3 minutes of shutting down the reactors.
  • After repairing the pipes, wait for the reactor to start up again or manually restart the reactor through the terminal.
  • The bulkhead doors will open so you can move on to the next location once the reactors have been started up again.

Eliminate the mainframe

break laser doors

After passing through the bulkhead doors and walking down the hallway, you will come to a room filled with consoles with mainframe cores. Destroy mainframe computer cores while facing enemy robots. The laser grid blocking the door will be deactivated once enough have been destroyed. To disable the laser grids, you will need to destroy more mainframe cores, like on the first floor. Discover the room and destroy all mainframe cores. Destroying them involves interacting with them or shooting them. After destroying the mainframe, you can go to the next area.

Repair of mainframe computer cores

Open the door to the meeting room.

To access the control room, you must reinstall new mainframe cores after you have destroyed all the mainframe cores in the previous rooms. There are two methods to do it. First, 15 working mainframe cores are found in the area and the broken ones are replaced with working ones. The second method is simpler, but requires certain resources. To repair all the broken mainframe cores, use Tinker's workbench in the back room. Then, put them back on the console and open the door with the terminal.

Drop an atomic bomb

Prefer automated leaders

After passing the silo, you will reach the control room. This is the final stage of a nuclear bomb explosion. To start the launch, use the marked terminal on your HUD. Section leaders will enter and begin preparing to launch a nuclear bomb once the launch sequence has been initiated. Until the bar in the upper right corner of the screen is filled, you oppose the robot leaders. After the leaders have finished their job, enemies will stop spawning and you will have the ability to launch a nuclear bomb. Use the nuclear keycard receptacle to insert a keycard to launch the nuclear bomb. Then, use the Start Code Entry Panel to enter the start code.

After completing those steps, use the targeting computer to choose the location to launch the nuke. A three-minute cast countdown will begin once you have confirmed the area you wish to decimate. Observe the impact of a nuclear bomb from a safe distance from the radius of the explosion that will soon occur.

In conclusion, knowing how to launch a nuclear bomb is easier than you thought following these instructions, so doing so will allow us to progress in this interesting and busy world of Fallout 76.

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