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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on Where to Find Long-Nosed Unicorn Fish in Palia.

Within the world of Palia you will have to look for certain resources and elements that will be very useful when playing and that is the case of fish.

These marine animals are distributed throughout Palia, and although some tend to be more difficult to find than others, most of the time it will depend on certain requirements that must be met such as the bait to be used, the area and the time. which can be searched, among others.

One of the fish that will give you the most headaches due to how complex the search is is the long-nosed unicorn fish, so you will have to put all your time and effort into finding it. To help you, we provide you with some tips that you can use to facilitate your search and ensure obtaining the fish for your collection.

Where to Find Long-Nosed Unicorn Fish in Palia

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-The Long-Nosed Unicorn Fish resides exclusively within the eastern coastal regions of Bahari Bay. This encompasses three designated areas:

  • Beachcomber Cove
  • Coral Shores
  • Lighthouse Lagoon

-Consult the in-game map for a visual reference of these locations.

Temporal Availability:

  • Notably, the Long-Nosed Unicorn Fish is a diurnal creature, appearing only during daylight hours.  Focus your fishing efforts between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM for optimal results.

Essential Bait:

  • Unlike most fish in Palia, the Long-Nosed Unicorn Fish requires a specific bait – Glow Worms. 
  • Regular bait will prove ineffective in attracting this elusive creature.

Acquiring Glow Worms:

-Procure Glow Worms through two primary methods:

  • Purchase them from the Fishing Guild Store using Fishing Medals.
  • Establish a Glow Worm Farm on your housing plot.

-To construct a Glow Worm Farm, you'll need to:

  • Be at least Level 7 in Fishing.
  • Acquire the recipe from Einar at the Fisherman's Lagoon in Kilima Village (costs 2,000 Gold).
  • Gather the necessary crafting materials (Flow-Infused Planks, Stone Bricks, Iron Bars, Leather).

Maximizing Catch Probability:

  • Due to the Long-Nosed Unicorn Fish's rarity, persistence is key.  Maintain a well-stocked supply of Glow Worms to sustain your fishing efforts.
  • Remember, the fish can appear at any point along the eastern Bahari Bay coast.  Methodically explore all three designated areas.

This is everything you need to know about Where to Find Long-Nosed Unicorn Fish in Palia. Following this guide will surely make it easier for you to find this curious fish so you can add it to your collection. You will only need to be attentive and follow the instructions provided, all while enjoying the experiences that Palia has for you.

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