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2022-02-04 09:10:39

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Dying Light 2 is a very busy game and today it leads us to discover how to get to Reach 2nd Map Central Loop.

What to know about the Reach 2nd Map Central Loop in Dying Light 2?

We have that the map is divided into two, one of them is the central loop, at the beginning we will be in old Villedor, which we access once past the prologue, the option of the second map is gray, but when progressing through the southeast we will notice the map of the central loop, now to know the details that lead us to this we have the following content, let's see it.

How to get to Reach 2nd Map Central Loop in Dying Light 2?

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In this second map we find the skyscrapers, with the Paraglider we can fly, it is necessary that we complete the tenth mission of the story called Waltz, with this we will be automatically in the central loop of the second map, we will go through the area of some tunnels to be south of old Villedor, which is closed until the story places us at this point of progress, that's how we'll get to the second map.

  This is all there is to know about how to get to Reach 2nd Map Central Loop, we just apply the directions and we will continue to progress in Dying Light 2.

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