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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-04 16:04:11

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Knowing how to improve paragliding is part of the changes that can be applied in Dying Light 2 and to give you details about it, we are here.

What does it mean to improve paragliding in Dying Light 2?

Having the opportunity to apply some necessary changes that allow us to be able to defend ourselves more comfortably as we progress in this game, especially considering that we are immersed in a hostile world, in this sense, we are allowed to rise through the air and in this way have an advantage over the enemy.

How to improve paragliding in Dying Light 2?

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  • It becomes necessary to purchase a glider upgrade blueprint, and this can be done from one of the master craftsmen.
  • We must get the hover device as part of the main story so that the paragliding blueprint can be available.

Improving paragliding makes it necessary to have some necessary resources, and it is:

  • Have 3 military technology.
  • Have 2000 old world money.

Once we have these resources, it becomes necessary to take care of going to the Night Paragliders section in the store because that is where we get the improvement in the menu, in this sense, we must take into account that this improvement allows us to have performance and skills that have been incorporated, making this tool an excellent ally against enemies.

In general terms, knowing how to improve the paraglider offers us the opportunity to apply some changes to this tool and thus be able to take out enemies more easily in Dying Light 2.

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C Engine
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February 4, 2022
Single-player, multiplayer
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