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Find out how to make lacerating arrows in this excellent and explanatory Dying Light 2 guide.

What to know about Lacerating arrows in Dying Light 2?

Manufacturing is something of the utmost importance in the game for our performance, making our own supplies is vital, depending on the craft pieces that are scattered throughout the open world, in the case of these arrows, they are ammunition that we can combine with bows to face our enemies from a distance, managing to cause damage to what we shoot at it, only we must know how to make lacerating arrows and for this let's closely follow the following content.

How to make Lacerating arrows in Dying Light 2?

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We have to approach an artisan to buy the blueprint for these, it is important that we know the location of these artisans in each city, it is required to have completed the second substation to buy the blueprint, we depend on the in-game currency for it and its manufacture It will depend on the materials that it requires, being for the lacerating arrows 10 pieces, 1 feather and 3 blades, in the case of the pieces they are throughout the game, the feathers in the birdhouses that are on the roofs of the map and the blades for Forsaken warehouses and facilities, the craftsman will ask us for 800 old world money for the plane and in the character menu we have to choose the object to make it.

  This is how we end our guide on How to Make Lacerating Arrows, hoping that you can get the most out of a game as busy as Dying Light 2.

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