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There are a number of tasks in Dying Light 2 and that is why today we tell you How to sleep in bed.

What does sleeping in bed entail in Dying Light 2?

This is another of the tasks that we come across in this game and that can be complex to execute for some players, in this sense, knowing how to sleep in bed is usually essential, especially considering that escaping from the infected is without a place to doubt important, but it is not the only functionality of the bed, this is because it is usually a necessary place to rest.

It is possible to find ourselves with a series of inconveniences when it comes to finding the bed to sleep and this implies:


  •   It is possible to find ourselves in a safe house and it becomes difficult to sleep.
  • There is a possibility that the bed could have bugs.
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to interact with the bed.


How to sleep in bed in Dying Light 2?

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This is a necessary task to rest and recover our health, so sleeping in bed leads us to:

Approach the bed and hold down the Square button in the case of PS, or X in the case of Xbox.

This option makes time pass quickly enough, we must bear in mind that it is a process that can be done both day and night, which if it becomes a bit complex, it is when we dedicate ourselves to resting from three in the afternoon because this usually lasts the whole night, however, this is a process that little by little we can get used to.

It is necessary to take into account some considerations in relation to the bed in Dying Light 2:


  •  It is not possible to sleep in beds that we can find randomly while we are in the city, it is normal to sleep in a bed that can be located in a safe area.
  • It is only necessary to interact with the bed with Square on PS or X on Xbox to be able to sleep until the next day.
  • The beds of the safe houses that we have unlocked that usually implies green icons are the ones that are feasible to sleep.


Now that you know how to sleep in bed, you can give yourself the opportunity to rest and replenish your strength in Dying Light 2.

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