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2022-02-13 21:00:33

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We set out on a quest through Genshin Impact to tell you where to find the Silver Raven Insignia.

What is the silver crow insignia in Genshin Impact?

This is nothing more than a promotion material that is usually necessary to get in this game, this is usually favorable for:


  •   Promote Beidou, Bennett, Kaeya Yanfei, Xinyan, Kazuha, or Thoma.
  • Ascend some of Blackcliff's weapons of war such as the Charter Blade or Crescent Pike.
  • It can be used in order to improve talents.


Where to find the Silver Raven Insignia in Genshin Impact?

It is necessary to take into account that we must:
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  • Having found the treasure hoarders.
  • Get to reach a level higher than 40.


 Once we manage to have the necessary requirements, we must embark on this search and this implies taking care of going to the old ruins where the treasure hoarders are usually digging.

It's good to note that treasure hoarders can also be found around the ruins south of the plains in Liyue.

It is important to equip ourselves, this is because treasure hoarders are usually armed and in this sense, it is possible to prepare ourselves for:


  •  Melee fights.
  • These hoarders feature bows.
  • Elemental potions they can throw at us.
  • Large hammers that can do a lot of damage.


 It should be noted that in the midst of this search to know where to find the silver crow insignia, there is a very remote possibility that treasure hoarders may be accompanied by an agent, if that is the case things can get a little more complicated, in this sense , we will see that the combat usually becomes a bit more difficult, but this usually happens very, very rarely.

Now, when we manage to defeat the treasure hoarders, we will see that they usually launch a smoke bomb and disappear, only that when they do so they drop loot and of course it dies.

Here are the places where it is possible to find the treasure hoarders:


  •  North of Springvale, in Mondstadt.
  • East of Luhua Pool in Liyue.
  • South of Lisha in Liyue.


This is everything we know about where to find the Silver Raven Insignia, so if you just embark on a vital search through the locations mentioned in this Genshin Impact guide, give it a try.

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