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2022-02-09 07:14:12

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Dying Light 2 has more drawbacks and that is why today we explain how to fix the no dialogue audio bug.

What is the audio no dialogue error in Dying Light 2?

Getting errors in games is a very normal process, this is because perfection does not exist, however, sometimes these can be quite annoying and knowing How to fix the no dialogue audio bug without dialogue is on this list because it is usually giving from the first day, this prevents being able to interact, so knowing how leads us to apply some solutions and thus continue enjoying the game as such.

It should be noted that this error prevents the dialogues from being reproduced while we are running explorations in Villedor, we will see that the NPCs do not usually emit any type of dialogue, we are only allowed to activate the subtitles to be able to understand what we are doing, in this sense, Being able to perform in the missions leads us to consider applying some fix and to give you details about it we are here.

How to fix the no dialogue audio bug in Dying Light 2?

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It is necessary to take into account that this problem usually has a solution and for this we must:


  •   Choose to check the audio drivers, it is possible that they are outdated and this may be giving us this error, if this is the case, we just have to download them and proceed to restart our PC.
  • Choosing to uninstall and reinstall the game is a second action to implement and even when it is more drastic it can benefit us, this is because it can install the game cleanly without interfering temporary files.


In this sense, knowing How to fix the no dialogue audio bug offers us the opportunity to apply some simple, but favorable solutions in Dying Light 2.

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