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Dying Light 2 has a lot of content for us and this opens the way for us to talk to you about All Zombie Types.

Why meet Everyone in Dying Light 2?

This is a necessary task because as we move through this game we are presented with different types of zombies, they will be interested in eliminating us wherever we are, so it is necessary to know them to have an idea of ​​exactly what type of these we are facing, this considering that we are immersed in a hostile world and where we are allowed to get zombies everywhere, it is only necessary to be properly prepared for any eventuality.

What are All Zombie Types in Dying Light 2?

As we progress we will find many zombies, however, sometimes not knowing them can make it a bit more difficult to face them in Dying Light 2 and that is why today we will tell you some interesting details about them that you should not miss.

Here are All Zombie Types in Dying Light 2:
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Viral: these are a type of zombie that is usually present in this game, these are the ones that have just been infected, they usually climb to try to catch us, finding them in this game usually happens more easily when we are immersed in a night chase.

Biters: we continue immersed in knowing all the types of zombies and we find a type of zombies that usually move quite slowly, these can be easy to knock down while we give them some blows or kicks, they are usually in groups of three or four infected.

Banshees: this is another type of zombie in Dying Light 2 and they tend to pounce on us, in this sense, it is necessary to attack them before other zombies can make jumps, so that knowing all the types of zombies offers us the possibility of being pay attention to them because they are usually acrobats, in addition to having sharp claws.

Howlers: these types of zombies are usually marked with an icon on their heads, it is necessary to take care of avoiding them because they usually scream if they notice us, which means that the other infected are alerted and can run a chase .

Spitters: we continue on the list about all types of zombies and we find some that have the ability to spit chemicals from the chest, this is an action that they can perfectly well do from afar, knocking them down is not usually very complicated, but they can be quite annoying in Dynig Light 2, they are usually yellow.

Bolters: These are other zombies that are present in Dying Light 2, with these there is no need to fight, however, there is the possibility of fighting because they contain precious loot, they usually shoot out.

Thugs: This is another type of zombie that is usually seen in this game and they have formidable attacks that can knock us out with a single blow, it is possible to avoid them thanks to the slowness of the same ones that usually hit with enough force, however, it is done necessary to be behind this one because they are guarding rare loot.

Revenant: we continue with the list of all types of zombies and these in particular usually have the regularity of calling other zombies to fight, in this sense, it is necessary to eliminate the minor infected to get rid of this type of zombies they usually have wings on their back, they are slow and usually have toxic fog because it usually damages us.

Bombers: these are other zombies in Dying Light 2 they usually have chemical cists, to eliminate them it is necessary to use a remote weapon preventing them from getting close, they usually get close to us and explode.

Volatile: these types of zombies usually move quite fast and hit hard, they can bother us a lot, only stopping them can be done with an ultraviolet flashlight, these are rare, but if you find them it will be necessary to flee quickly.

 Now that you know All Zombie Types, it's time to be attentive every time we come across one of these in Dying Light 2.

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