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2022-02-07 21:25:27

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If you want to know how to fix cross-platform not working in Dying Light 2, continue reading because in the next article we will tell you how to do it.

What is the problem in the cross-platform of Dying Light 2?

This is an error that occurred after the game was released and is that users report that the game cannot be played with people on other platforms, or even on the same platform but on different generations of consoles. This has left many users wondering how to fix cross-platform not working, which we will fix below.

How to fix cross-platform not working in Dying Light 2?

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To quickly clear things up, the game doesn't allow you to play with users from other platforms basically because it doesn't support cross-play or cross-platform play, or at least it does at this point. The only way it is allowed is that both users are from PC and play one, for example, on the Epic launcher and the other on Steam.

Unfortunately, this issue also spans console generations, so PS4 users won't be able to play with PS5 users and the same goes for Xbox, in fact there's also no cross-progression if you want to switch platforms.

 That is all you need to know about how to fix cross-platform not working in Dying Light 2, so now that we have come to the end, we hope you have understood the cross-play issue. Although it is still possible that at some point the developers decide to add cross-play both cross-platform and in generation, but until that happens we will have to continue as before.

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