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Daniel Hidalgo
2022-02-08 03:46:20

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Keep reading, so you know how to change the language in Dying Light 2, because in the next article we will tell you how to do it.

What is Dying Light 2 about?

The title belongs to the horror and first-person action video game developed by Techland, which was released less than a week ago. The game features a full interface, audio, and subtitles for English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. While the interface and subtitles are available in Italian, Korean, Arabic, Czech, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish. All good up to this point, the problem comes when you want to change the language, this is where things get complicated.

How to change language in Dying Light 2 on PC?

The first thing you have to know if you are wondering how to change the language in Dying Light 2 is that this will require manipulation of the game files, so you will have to be very careful so that nothing goes wrong.
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Having that clear, if you are a Steam user, the first thing you have to do is verify that the game is not running. Then you will have to go to the default location "steamappscommonDying Light 2 2phworkdata_lang" > go to the voice folders of the languages ​​you don't want to use > copy and paste them in another location, in case you ever want to restore it. Delete the other voice folders, except for the language you want to use.

Finally, you will have to access the game again to check if everything is in order and the change was made correctly. This will allow you to keep the localizations of the subtitles, while following the playback in another voiceover language.

How to change the language in Dying Light 2 on console?

If you are a PS user, the first thing you have to do is go to the start menu > select the game > go to Manage game content, from where you can delete the language packs that you do not want. The next step will be to download the language pack you do want.

If you are an Xbox user, you will need to go to the game's page in the Library > edit the language packs in the same way as on the PlayStation.

 That is all you need to know about how to change the language in Dying Light 2 so now that we have reached the end, we hope that you are ready to make the language change to the language that is most comfortable for you.

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