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2022-02-07 08:23:53

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Dying Light 2 has more interesting tasks to perform and that is why today we will tell you how to deflect projectiles.

Why deflect projectiles in Dying Light 2?

  Because this is an interesting skill that we have and that allows us to avoid receiving damage from a distance, this is undoubtedly one of the most relevant tasks to learn because it is essential to stay alive, it is a skill for which we really it is necessary to invest time in learning it considering the enormous value that it possesses.

How to deflect projectiles in Dying Light 2?

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This ability allows us to block the damage that opponents usually do to us, for this it is necessary to press the block button, in the case of PS it is L1, while in the Xbox it is LB and for its part in PC it is necessary to press the right button of the mouse, this must be done at the right moment, it is only a matter of practice to make it perfect, this ability offers us the opportunity to return the projectiles to those who are attacking us, so that this leads us to use the lock button so that can activate and come out of the attack unscathed.


 Now, it is good to keep in mind that unlocking skills is a necessary task to be able to win this game and in this sense, we must consider that:


  •  Enabling the ability to block makes us have to have the “Perfect Parry” ability, in addition to having to have 160 health before getting it.
  • For its part, the skill "Deflect Projectiles" requires that we have the skill "Block Projectiles" in addition to 240 health to achieve it.
  • Having these abilities can make a big difference in relation to the combats that usually take place in the game and even when they seem complicated to unlock, in reality they usually are not.


 Now that you know how to deflect projectiles, it's time to embark on the task of getting this ability and thereby being able to go a step forward in Dying Light 2.

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