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We go into a search through Ark Survival Evolved in order to tell you where to find metal on Lost Island.

What is the point of finding metal on Lost Island in Ark Survival Evolved?

  The first thing we must bear in mind is that this is a highly necessary resource in this game and fortunately we are offered the opportunity to obtain some deposits of it, in this sense, knowing where to find metal in Lost Island leads us into a necessary search, even when these may be few, we should consider the possibility of locating them because metal is a fundamental supply to improve:


  •   Tools.
  • Weapons.
  • Armors.


where to find metal on Lost Island in Ark Survival Evolved?

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This is a search that usually occurs in mountainous areas where more quantities of it are usually seen, however, it is not the only place where we find it in Ark Survival Evolved because it can be found in less quantity on smooth rocks, this search to know where Finding metal on Lost Island is part of the necessary tasks to be carried out while we are immersed in the “Lost World” expansion.

Knowing where to find metal on Lost Island leads us to embark on a search that may well start when we start our lives in the northwest corner of the map, in this sense, it is necessary to follow the coastline towards the east, we must go up the hill towards the Blue Obelisk where we can quickly get a cache of metallic ore, this can be cultivated in order to improve our tools.

Note: The coordinates to start are 22.5, 31.4, it is also necessary to have water, as well as a line of sight that allows us to see a predator that may be stalking us.

We continue the tour to know where to find metal in Lost Island and continuing along the coast we will see some central hills of the north in Ark Survival Evolved, these are favorable places to find metal, here the possibility of:


  •  Set up camp at coordinates 19.6, 50.8.
  • Going up the hill to the east we get more metal and this is usually at coordinates 20.8, 51.5.
  • When we manage to climb the mountain to the west we must search inside because there is more supply of metal, this place is usually at coordinates 20.6, 46.7.
  • Locating near the hill offers us the opportunity to get crystal in Ark Survival Evolved, also approaching the peak to the west offers us metal and this is usually at coordinates 23.6, 44.0.


 Our search work continues and in this sense, finding metal in Lost Island makes it necessary to take care of fighting against some enemies, these can be tough dinos, we must be attentive to the crack that usually divides the snowy mountains of the two volcanoes because it is a space where we are allowed to achieve:


  •  Glass.
  • Obsidian.


 It is necessary to take into account that to the north we are allowed to get metal and this usually occurs at coordinates 26.0, 60.0.

 Moving to the south makes it necessary to have to fight a lot, but in the same way we are allowed to get metal, this leads us to locate ourselves at coordinates 33.7, 67.0.

Our journey to know where to find metal in Lost Island continues and in this sense it is necessary to move to a mountain that is usually a little colder in Ark Survival Evolved, this in case we are not interested in being close to the places where there are volcanoes, in this sense, it is necessary to reach some hills, here you can make a camp and choose to extract the metal, it is a place that is usually located at coordinates 23.3, 76.1.

We are presented with the opportunity to find some forts on Lost Island and in this sense, it is necessary:

  • Go to coordinates 48.2, 75.8 because it is a region that is located south of the central island and has metallic minerals.
  • Another option that may be favorable to us to know Where is a source that is down to the east and that can be found at coordinates 58.1, 72.6.


 We continue to progress in this search through Ark Survival Evolved and in this sense it is necessary to go down to the center of the island in order to find some deposits with metal and this usually occurs at coordinates 52.6, 51.5, however, this island has more deposits, in this sense, we are offered the possibility of searching in the forest whose coordinates are 56.3, 58.5 because it is a site with more supplies.

Another place on the island where metal can be found is on the Peak to the east of the Green Obelisk, this is located at coordinates 63.4, 60.6 and finally we can get glass and metal on the island at coordinates 66.2, 47.7.

The search for where to find metal on Lost Island is still latent and it is time to move to the west of the map in order to locate other deposits, these are usually on the southeast peak at coordinates 71.6, 28.3 and towards the sea where it can be done. a shelter whose coordinates are 74.0,29.0.

Going to the extreme south in the Scorched Earth there is a chance to get metal and there can be plenty, on the peaks of the deserts, in the great lake, only it is necessary to reach this place with a flying mount in Ark Survival Evolved , however, it is more favorable that you go to the northern areas to perform this search.

 Now that you know where to find metal on Lost Island, you can embark on this quest that only has your Ark Survival Evolved to stock up on the metal you need to make upgrades.

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