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Doom Eternal: Where To Find Runes

2020-03-20 10:28:20

If you are looking for the answers of where to find runes in Doom Eternal, we bring you the explanation of this guide.

For our performance in Doom Eternal, we must find many things that will help us to improve, one of them places us as a goal to know where to find runes, in this guide we will find a lot of material that has to do with this, we should only start reading the following content.

What can we know about the runes in Doom Eternal?

Runes are necessary modulations that will allow us to enhance our game with modifications, in theory by equipping them we will be able to face demons from a different perspective, which means that we have to find them in each of the levels to unlock them, it is It is possible to equip only 3 at the same time, which will make our way of playing stronger, the mix and match be according to our style of play, let's see now where to find runes with details.

Where to find runes in Doom Eternal?

Stun and confusion: The staggering state of our enemies will be increased

  • Search and destroy: From a far distance to our enemy we can initiate a death of glory
  • Air control: The control of our movements will improve while we are in the air
  • Team Demon: Decreases cooldown by killing enemies with team influence
  • Hit and beat: The blast wave of blood will allow us to kill or reduce the health of enemies
  • Chronic blow: By maintaining LT or L2 we will have a decrease in time
  • Savior Throw: We will have a chance to regain our health, surviving the death blow and reducing time.
  • Savagery: Gloria's death will take place faster
  • Blood: We will gain an increase in speed by performing a glory kill.

What are the best runes in Doom Eternal?

Team Fiend or Punch And Reave

With the demons surrounding us we have that this rune helps us to use our equipment launcher so that the recharge time decreases, we can also use Punch and Reave to finish off the enemies with the Nlood Punch shock wave, causing them to lose a lot of health, what will make our health be maintained when we face the demons.

Rescue launch or air control

The purpose of this rune is very similar to that of the chronic strike, but the fact is that time will slow down when an enemy gives a mortal blow, where we will survive it, only to finish off our enemies quickly in order to be healthy, in the short time that time will be slowed down.

Chronic Strike

With this rune we will be able to reduce the time, for the offensive and defensive we can use it, its utility is remarkable to target the weak points of an enemy, in case our health is low, we must activate the rune to kill the enemies.

So we finish our guide on where to find runes, hoping that you can get the most out of Doom Eternal.

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