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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-23 06:38:28

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Today we bring you a Doom Eternal guide where we propose to tell you about All the secret ancient gods

What is the goal of searching All Secret Ancient Gods in Doom Eternal?

This is simply an interesting and highly necessary task that we must carry out in this game where we are offered the opportunity to go through some number of specific areas, which perfectly leads us to have to fight against some formidable enemies, allowing us to take a walk through the first level of this DLC that has incorporated three, where it is necessary to perform some amount of tasks.

Where to find All the secret ancient gods in Doom Eternal?

It is necessary to consider that our tour of this first level takes us through 7 specific areas and two secret encounters in such a way that we will not have some rest.

First secret area: this first secret is called An Extra Life and to achieve it it is necessary to jump to the platform on the right side in order to mobilize ourselves through the windows, once here we take a look to the right in order to place ourselves in the post so that this allows us to go through the vent, then it is necessary to move through the ventilation, fall and continue on our journey to find All the secret ancient gods, then it is only necessary to turn around to observe that behind us is the first secret.
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Second secret area: We continue our journey to find a considerable reward that consists of tons of ammunition, only to get them it is necessary to go to Doomguy in Doom Eternal and choose to cross the door on the left side, then we turn right, where we are given the possibility of locating the Red Access Key Door.

First secret meeting: Our work on these sides allows us to have the opportunity to shoot the green part of the fan, once this is done it is necessary to jump and run through it, because all that is necessary to do is observe the location on the map in order to see the encounter below, only that we get the fan near the building trying to prevent us from moving forward, however, this is not a major inconvenience since we must get it out of our way since our work on All secret ancient gods has not yet come to an end.

Third secret area: Once we have managed to progress in the previous location, it is necessary to take a look at a box that is a little further ahead, so that it will only be necessary to have the possibility of jumping over it and from there proceed to jump over the fence to locate a truck that will give us:

  •  200 health.
  • 200 armor.


 Fourth secret area: We continue our journey to locate All the secret ancient gods and this makes us start from the previous location that we have managed to pass, since it is necessary to complete this area since it has two interesting elements that are in some way vital. That said, our work here allows us to have the option of being able to submerge ourselves in the water and once this is done we can look down where we see an oxygen tank collecting, on the right side there is a vent, which it is necessary to enter, while we are inside , look up and continue the path that is set for us to achieve:

  •  An additional oxygen tank.
  • A breakable vent
  • A Mega Health hidden behind the vent in Doom Eternal.


 Fifth secret area and second secret meeting: We continue our tour close enough to the previous area, only in this case it is necessary to consider performing more than one task simultaneously, since we are located exactly outside the vent to choose to go up to the platform and take a look at the water once more, which allows us to submerge only this time our job is to swim to the left, so that in the distance we can see an oxygen tank and choose to pick it up.

With the oxygen in our hands, it is time to turn to the right to advance to the point that we manage to get a breakable vent which is necessary to access and thus achieve that the water can push us up, only that when we rise this allows us to have the possibility of being able to fall and proceed to jump to the secret area that is above with a secret encounter, in such a way that our task to know All the secret ancient gods is becoming more and more attractive to carry it out.

Sixth secret area: Doom Eternal has managed to offer us a number of interesting places and with the addition of this DLC it allows us to work a little more than estimated, which leads us to leave the previous place to continue so that it will be necessary to climb a ramp and proceed to jump over the edge of the water, only that this requires us to stand on the right side of the tube since this will allow us to hug the oxygen tank, since our task is to collect it, only that once this is done and when looking towards the left we can see that the tube has been, which leads us to get closer in order to get a Mega Health.

Seventh secret area: knowing all the secret ancient gods allows us to take some route along the first level in this game, which is very interesting and this leads us to go to the water square in order to collect the oxygen tanks that Let's see, until we get to land forme, once achieved it is our task to access the door and choose to shoot the boxes that are in the tunnel so that they explode and incidentally to create an option to filter the water in the area, leaving all submerged, allowing Samuel to converse with us, then look down, take the oxygen tank and go through another area to achieve Mega Health.

 This is all you need to know about All Secret Ancient Gods as it is quite a long journey through the entire first level in Doom Eternal.

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