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Today we bring you a Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods 2 guide, where we will talk to you about How to beat the Dark Lord's boss.

What to know about Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods 2?

With the arrival of the new DLC we have to have a special confrontation with a new threat, known as the dark lord, which will complement the different new areas and enemies that have added to this epic story, certainly defeating the new enemies requires that our weapons are powerful and more when we are reaching the end of the trip, being necessary that we know how to defeat the boss of the Dark Lord, taking into account their great capabilities, it only remains to focus on the tips that will be presented in this guide below, let's see.

How to beat the Dark Lord boss in Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods 2?

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The abilities that the dark lord has been similar to the marauders when attacking, it can only be seen as an improved version, capable of healing himself after attacking, it is important that as for how to defeat the boss of the Dark Lord we achieve first stun him so that later we drop his health bar, his attacks can vary depending on where we are located, if we are far away he can use the projectiles, and he is close he will attack melee, then it is ideal to be at medium distance, which will make the boss glow green in Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods 2, this is when we must be alert to their attacks, so using the super shotgun and the ballista can be great options, the quick change is important that we master it at this point, achieving with this greater effectiveness, so as not to lose the pictures, having the purpose of stunning the boss we have that the sentry hammer is ideal for this, because it will be seen for a longer time in that situation to cause additional damage.

The strategy to follow regarding How to beat the Dark Lord's boss in Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods 2 is to use the shotgun to stun, but you have to quickly make the switch to the hammer to achieve the additional damage, do this until the dogs appear and the knights of hell by the invocation, which we must eliminate first with deaths of Glory that serve so that the hammer is reloaded, the use of grenades and shotguns will also be very useful, there are occasions where the boss will not shine green, for which instead will come to attack us with his sword on a couple of occasions, at that moment we must jump back to avoid it, when we have reached stage 2 of the combat in Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods 2 we will see changes in their attacks, being the one that highlights the Shield Bash the most, you have to avoid when your shield comes to shine, so to one side we can avoid it, it will later use grenades all over the place, then we have s that we get out of the way to look for indicators, when we are close to solving How to defeat the boss of the Dark Lord, we will see that he begins to invoke spirits of large demons, it is necessary that we patiently eliminate them one by one, then we only focus on the boss with the same strategies, and we will achieve our goal.

We can conclude that knowing how to beat the boss of the Dark Lord is easier once we have these tips to guide us, therefore let's get the most out of it in Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods 2

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