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Doom Eternal: How to Get Flame Belch - Tips and tricks

2020-03-23 09:18:21

This time we return with a guide of Doom Eternal with the aim of explaining how to get Flame Belch.

  In Doom Eternal there are many weapons at our disposal, as if that were not enough, we have among them a flamethrower, with which we will be able to damage enemies in groups, where the benefit will have a lot to do with dropping the pieces of armor, this When they are burning with the explosion, we talk about a tool that can help us in many situations, so we have to know how to Flame Belch, the work of this weapon is in conjunction with glorious deaths, so in this guide we are going to keep in mind the answers necessary to achieve this goal, let's see the following content.
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    What is the Flame Belch in Doom Eternal?

    In the game we find a weapon of vital importance for how capable it will be in our support, as well as the glorious deaths, in health it will grant us armor, in the weaker demons we can set them on fire and when we finish them we will get bursts of armor, even a single demon of the elite will be able to suffer with this weapon, thus managing to keep us for much longer with the flow of constant armor that we will be getting, in the most complicated situations it is possible to save ourselves by using this weapon, to know how to obtain it, let's see the details.

    How to get Flame Belch in Doom Eternal?

    This weapon we will be able to obtain once we complete the mission at the beginning of the game, when we have achieved it, they will take us to the fortress of perdition, which is the central area of ​​the game that after playing each mission we get here , we will be informed by VEGA that in the 3D printer we have something waiting for us, by following the objective marker we will obtain the burp of flames.

    Knowing how to get Flame Belch is interesting, since it allows us to unwrap and advance further in Doom Eternal.

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