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2020-10-22 09:36:26

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We invite you to discover How to fix can’t start ancient gods DLC in this explanatory guide of Doom Eternal.

What to know about the DLC Can't start Ancient Gods in Doom Eternal?

Certainly the first of the DLC for this game arrived, only that there are some errors in the different platforms when looking for the reproduction of the content that it brings, managing to be noticed by not being recognized, looking for answers as to how to fix the DLC Ancient Gods cannot be started, we will be able to help ourselves with the content of this guide, we only have to pay attention to the following.

How to fix can’t start ancient gods DLC in Doom Eternal?

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  • On the PC: if we are on this platform we may have many problems to download the expansion, for this it is necessary to completely restart Steam and if nothing happens it is necessary to wait for Bethesda to have the solution at our fingertips.
  • On the PS4: we have to check if it is possible to download this expansion, for this we will go to the PlayStation Store, going through the library to make the choice of the game, correctly accessing the DLC that is ours, no matter how much normally it is possible to present the same error as many of the players, where it is not possible to start, which will lead us to hope that such error will be corrected by Bethesda.
  • On Xbox One: we will go to the option of my games and applications, reaching the settings menu to reach the administration of the add-ons, where by choosing the game we will be able to reach the content of the DLC, which has a size of 10.1 MB , let's process to download but this goes well up to here, when starting it it presents errors to display its content, in such a case that this happens to us, we can only wait for a concrete solution by Bethesda.

Now that you know how to fix can’t start ancient gods DLC, apply the instructions and you can continue having fun with Doom Eternal.

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