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Today we bring you a Doom Eternal guide in which we will explain how to increase health, armor and ammunition.

Why increase health, armor, and ammo by Doom Eternal?


  We can say that we find a resistance game, in relation to its gameplay, there are many aspects that are of great importance for our performance and stability when playing, among them we must improve some statistics by means of sentinel crystals, these being collectibles , in order to solve how to increase health, armor and ammunition, it is necessary to consider that it is only possible to find 12 crystals that are all over the game, being enough for our purposes, now let's see what the content of this guide brings us about.
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    How to increase health, armor and ammo in Doom Eternal?

    When we have the Sentinel Crystals at our disposal, we can make the choice to increase our health, armor and ammunition, there are several icons of these statistics on our screen to update, getting us to choose the correct ones, it is possible to achieve great benefits In our performance, when choosing 2 improvements in each of these, it means that a passive ability is going to be unlocked which will reinforce us in our opportunities throughout the campaign, an example of this is blood health , which requires the use of 2 Sentinel Crystals, with one we unlock the armor upgrade and the other to improve health, among them it is possible to unlock the passive ability by getting both upgrades.

    Through the Sentinel Crystals we can access 6 skills to be unlocked, where each of these skills, it is possible to unlock them by improving 2 on the left and 2 on the right of our update screen.

    • Blood Armor: As long as you have full armor, all armor pickups contribute to Blood Strike.
    • Burp Armor: Demons cast armor at a faster rate.
    • Rapid Fire Burp: The Burp of Flames takes less time to cool down.
    • Loot Magnet: Resource drops are drawn from much further away.
    • Napalm Belch: Heavy and super heavy demons stay on fire longer.
    • Blood Health: As long as you have maximum health, all health improvements will contribute to the blood stab.

    Finally, now that we know how to increase health, armor, and ammo, we can move on to Doom Eternal.

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