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2020-10-22 23:31:01

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Guide to learn how to eat sweets in Fortnite

 It is not surprising that the candies are in the Fortnite game, since now the Halloween celebration has taken over the game temporarily and in the meantime we will take care of taking advantage of all the prizes and benefits that this special edition of the game brings to us.

Something characteristic of this special edition are the sweets that are scattered throughout the map, as of this week's patch, and even players who do not care about the challenges are curious about this detail and why not? If by eating them they not only restore health and shields, but also grant special abilities to their consumers, so it is very likely that you are wanting to eat one.

All that said, if they are not enough for you, then let me tell you that you will have to eat them anyway because it is a weekly challenge in the game. Don't worry, we will tell you exactly how to eat Candy so that you can receive this benefit. Stay to know more about it!
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How to eat Candy in Fortnite?

As we mentioned before, Fortnite asks players to eat 25 of the newly available Candy as a challenge, arguably the candy itself is more valuable. Although many have not realized it, eating such treats can help you stay alive, and depending on the rarity of the treats, they may also expect it to award special gifts. Some varieties of candy only increase speed and jumping skills, but are generally very beneficial during play.

Candy can be found practically anywhere on the map, especially near houses and buildings. Players in search of sugary goodness should keep their eyes peeled for in-game Halloween decorations and / or setups, and look for candy baskets or a trick-or-treating display within them. They must then hit these baskets to make the candy fall, and collect and / or consume the candy like any other Fortnite forage good.

As you can imagine you will have to move a lot to find the 25 pieces of candy in the challenge, try to do it in one game for greater effectiveness.

They may also alternatively choose to head over to Holly Hedges for a sure shot of some candy.

On the other hand, it should also be noted that "Hey Boo!" is a Halloween hypermarket, marked by the little pumpkin basket on the map above. They will be able to find baskets of sweets placed abundantly in all her interior. Although a landing on Hey Boo! You risk catching the attention of other trick-or-treating lovers, the certain sweet deal is probably worth the visit.

 Now that you know how to eat Candy in Fortnite you will be able to complete the special mission of the season in addition to receiving the benefits of it depending on the type of candy you take. Luck!

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