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Edelmira Leon
2022-01-28 02:22:20

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With this article we will tell you how to beat spider queen in Don't Starve, so pay attention because we are just getting started.

Who is the spider queen in Don't Starve?

This is one of the most terrifying monsters you can find in the base game. She can be found in level 3 spider burrows, but she is very aggressive, has 1,250 HP and sharp claws, and is surrounded by sixteen spiders that will follow her everywhere. For this reason, knowing how to beat spider queen is important if you want to get out of all this alive.

How to defeat the spider queen in Don't Starve?

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The best way to kill the spider queen is with kites, in which you dodge the attack of a mob and hit it immediately until it attacks again, the problem is the spiders that the queen can generate, but you will have to make sure you have good armor. The key is to first kill the spiders that the queen generates and then go straight for her.

You can lure the queen to the pig mobs, tentacles, bees or beefalo in heat that will attack her.

After eliminating a spider queen, you should get a spider hat, with which you can convovare spiders to fight for you against the queen. In the DLC Reign of Giants you will be able to choose Webber, a spider able to form alliances with spiders just by offering them meat.

That's all you need to know about how to beat spider queen in Don't Starve, so now that we have reached the end, we hope you manage to defeat this monster quickly.

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