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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-03-06 18:14:42

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If you want to know how to get to level 40 of The Division 2 this guide will be perfect because we will be covering everything about it.

What are New York Warlords in The Division 2.

This is the new expansion of the game that was released a few days ago and which has also increased the maximum level to level 40 and that is why many users are already wondering how to reach level 40, which in this guide we will answer in detail.

How to get to level 40 in The Division 2.

In this guide we have divided the parts of the process into five parts that will be very important to consider if you really want to level up in the game.
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How to get to level 40 with gear in The Division 2.

Let's start by saying that all the level 30 team will be completely different than what we get to see and like the structure, which will also have a different operation. The roles, mods, talents, everything will have a different functioning.

What you will have to do is start by creating a construction with a high level of damage to weapons, damage by creatures, damage from headshots, etc., although this will be replaced at level 32 surely, but you will still have to use the best attributes for its construction.

Choose the most suitable talents since these will make the first levels easier, the choice will be based on whether you are playing individually or in a group.

How to get to level 40 with Equipment in The Division 2

One of the most important things you should keep in mind is that you need to equip yourself with the new purple equipment that will be very useful because it will increase raw statistics with weapons and armor, the latter can end up even quadrupling its initial level when you reach level 40. So make sure you improve your equipment if you want to go far.

How to get to level 40 with Skills.

The skills we recommend you use are the following:

Drone Defender.

This ability will allow you to improve your survival, in addition to that with it you can play more aggressively and quickly.

Revived Hive.

This ability is perfect for times when you are near death.

These two skills are INFALTABLE, henceforth what you want to experience with other skills is on your side, but at least these two can not be missing.

How to get to level 40 with Specialization.

In terms of specialization we recommend you use Gunner to obtain a higher rate of fire bonus for each death, and take advantage of both the armor kit you receive and the rapid recharge it possesses, and if we also mention the high level of power it possesses you will imagine The excellent results you will get.

If you need equipment you can visit the vendors who will offer weapons depending on the level you are at.

How to get to level 40 with Yellow waypoints.

It is very important that you take into account the importance of these points, in whose missions you will have to kill all the Warlords, which will allow you to access the final mission, in which by the way you will have to be already at the level 40 if you want to be able to access the mission. So in case you are still missing a couple of levels you will have to move to get the necessary points to take to level 40.

 This is all you need to know about how to reach level 40 in The Division 2, taking these aspects into account there should be no complications to reach the top level of this expansion as soon as possible, so we hope you achieve this goal quickly.

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