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  •  Entering the domain: Once the ritual is successfully completed, a portal will appear, allowing players to enter The Butcher's domain. Stepping through the portal will transport you and your squad to a nightmarish realm where The Butcher awaits.
  • Zombie onslaught: Upon entering The Butcher's domain, players must be prepared for an onslaught of zombies. These zombies will relentlessly attack you and your squad, testing your ability to work together and survive. It is crucial to stay focused and maintain close communication with your teammates to effectively deal with the hordes of undead.
  • Focus fire on The Butcher: While dealing with the zombie onslaught, it is important to maintain focus on The Butcher. The Butcher is a formidable foe with incredible strength and resilience. However, it is crucial to avoid direct contact with The Butcher, as his attacks can cause massive damage. Instead, focus on dealing damage from a distance, using long-range weapons to chip away at his health.
  • Beware of the Meat Hook's massive damage potential: One of The Butcher's most dangerous attacks is the Meat Hook. This devastating attack can cause massive damage to anyone caught in its path. It is essential to be aware of your surroundings and avoid getting caught by the Meat Hook. Keep moving and utilize cover to minimize the risk of being hit by this deadly attack.

Survival Tips

  •  Avoiding toxic sludge: During the encounter with The Butcher, be cautious of the toxic sludge produced by the zombies. Steer clear of these hazardous substances, as they can cause damage over time and hinder your ability to fight effectively. Stay alert and constantly reassess your positioning to avoid getting caught in the toxic sludge.
  • Watch out for enemy operators: In addition to battling The Butcher and the hordes of zombies, players must also remain vigilant for enemy operators. The portal used to enter The Butcher's domain can also be accessed by opposing players. Stay alert and be prepared to defend yourself and your squad against any enemy operators attempting to disrupt your progress.


Unlocking The Meat Hook

  •  Transmoggable item reward: Successfully defeating The Butcher in Warzone DMZ's Operation Nightmare will reward players with an exclusive transmoggable item called The Meat Hook. This unique item can be earned during the Haunting Event in Warzone and DMZ.
  • Account linking process: To unlock The Meat Hook, players need to ensure their Battle.Net account is linked to their Activision account on the Call of Duty website. This account linking process is necessary to track your progress and reward you with The Meat Hook upon completing the necessary steps.
  • Completing the necessary steps: Once your accounts are linked, follow the instructions provided to kill The Butcher and complete the necessary steps to unlock The Meat Hook. These steps may involve specific objectives or achievements that need to be accomplished during the encounter with The Butcher.
  •  Availability in Diablo IV: Upon unlocking The Meat Hook in Warzone DMZ, players will not only have access to this powerful weapon in the game but will also be able to use it in Diablo IV within four days. This cross-game reward adds an extra incentive to defeat The Butcher and unlock The Meat Hook.

Defeating The Butcher requires strategic thinking, teamwork, and quick reflexes, but with these guidelines, you'll have a better chance at emerging victorious. So gear up, follow the steps, and prepare to overcome this fearsome adversary in Warzone DMZ. Good luck!

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