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2020-11-12 07:19:33

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Guide to learn where to find perdition lost sector in Destiny 2

  The recent update that released in Destiny 2 called Beyond Light has brought a lot of new things including a new area to travel to perform missions either as a Team or alone so you will surely want to take a look at all this, so in This guide will tell you specifically about the lost sector of the game Stay to find out more!

Where to find perdition lost sector in Destiny 2?

The first thing you should do is, obviously, have the latest DLC installed, which in this case would be "Beyond Light". Next, you will have to go to Cadmus Ridge located in Europe. Once here, be sure to go to the northeast region and look for a Lost Sector sign. This sign should be posted next to an ice cave.
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Once you're right at the ice cave sign, turn right and head inside the cave. You will have to go deep inside and this will include jumping over the cracks until you find an open door and a lock code on the left side of it.

You will have to walk inside and then find the area with yellow walls and enter. Keep moving along the path and the game will signal you by saying: "Lost sector discovered".

Where to find perdition lost sector of Bane?

This can be a bit confusing, but you will have to make sure you jump over the ice crevices and go through the cave as indicated above to make sure you get to the Lost Lost Sector. Be sure to check the starting point of where it should be before starting the adventure and where it should be at the end to find it there.

 Now that you know where to find perdition lost sector in Destiny 2 you will be able to discover the new area that the DLC brings for you and discover the challenges that you can perform with your friends. Luck!

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