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2020-12-17 06:57:11

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Guide to learn where to find the penguin souvenir in Destiny 2

 For those of you who are aware of the news and events taking place in Destiny 2 we are currently in week 6 of Beyond Light, which means that there is a new Penguin Souvenir available in the game. You'll need them for the Reuniting the Eventide Rookery win if you want to go for the Splintered title this season. If you want to get the memory of this edition then you are in the correct guide! Here we will tell the details to get it.

Where to find the penguin souvenir in Destiny 2?

This guy can be found in the Riis Reborn area of ​​the Eventide Ruins. Spawn at Varik's base, then head north. Once you get there, head to the elevator that leads to Riis Reborn. From there, go all the way through the Riis Reborn area until you reach the room with a raised door on the left and another door in the back on the right. You must remember this area as the door at the rear right was closed with a stasis lock during the campaign.
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In that right corner, you will find a yellow bar enemy named Fallen Marauder. Kill him and he will release the penguin. After that, take him into the room next to Variks and put him in place to complete this section of the Triumph.

We're not sure if there are any rewards at the moment, but a cute penguin-themed emblem would be a lot of fun to enjoy the season a bit more.

  Now that you know where to find the memory of the penguins in Destiny 2 you can get this award once you follow all the steps specified in the guide. Luck!

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