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Destiny 2: Where to Find Marionettes

2020-07-08 09:59:11

We continue talking about Destiny 2 and for this we are going to tell you where to find Marionettes, let's see.

How many Marionettes to get in Destiny 2?

Our work this season has awakened us with a new activity and that is to get and eliminate 15 Marionettes, in addition to hunting about 25 pieces of Qualified Light, this is a process that can start easily, but as we move forward it can become moderately complex, because it is necessary to carry out an agricultural work all immersed in the search for the Ruinous Effigy since normally the darkness likes in the least the idea of invading the planet of light, therefore knowing where to find Marionettes in Savathun is be necessary and where we are offered the possibility of moving from one place to another.

Where to find Savathun Marionettes in Destiny 2?

 This is an area of ​​Titan and we find ourselves faced with the possibility of observing that there are a number of enemies spawning on these sides, although contemplating the possibility of participating in some world events, specifically in 3, this is where it will be necessary to be alert because obviously At public events in the patrol area, the spawning rate simply turns out to be higher, so we will have to be constantly on the bottom of our screen as we are getting directions there.

 The Ring first event.

 This is the place where the first public event will take place, the Marionettes are wandering together and usually stick to the back of the Ring, our task here will be to climb the sparrow and proceed to look for them, since it will only be necessary to heat the Marionettes To advance in our search, in this place it is possible to get not only Marionettes but the great Ogre of Taken because here we are offered the opportunity to get Taken Brights.

 Second event.

 We continue in our search to know where to find Marionettesand this has allowed us to reach the second public event, because here we find two options before and one is to approach the Knights Carried in order for their shield to fall, this implies assassinating them, on the other hand eliminate everything around to destroy the Taken Templars as this will allow the shield to be lowered on a large enemy of the Taken Kabbalah.

 During this event we are given the opportunity to recognize some interesting versions of mini bosses because although they have been appearing little by little since the start of the season we can see them with a little more clarity, in addition this event lends itself to the appearance of the disruptors of Taken which turns out to give something more of interest to our search in Destiny 2.

 The Savathan Marionettes third event.

 Our task is to eliminate all the forces to achieve it and here we find the idea that it is only possible to find one for each event, eliminate it and as soon as this has been done, leave in search of other activities, because this Marionettes specifically Appear when one enemy can move against another, so it will be necessary to focus on the event to go to the Fallen and the Taking that allows us to fight against some enemies.

 Now that you know where to find Marionettes, it is time to do it and not have to worry about public events, since it has already consumed us some time in Destiny 2.

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First-person shooter
Bungie, Vicarious Visions (Microsoft Windows), High Moon Studios (Dlcs)
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September 6, 2017
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