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One of the most recurring things are glitches and Netflix was no exception, let's see How to fix error code NW-1-19 on Xbox One

What is the relationship between Netflix and the Xbox One console?

Consoles usually have the possibility of having access to the internet and other services and platforms that can allow us to enjoy not only games but much more content, and perhaps that is the same so that sometimes it is possible to get us with some annoying failures , it is important to know how to correct the error code NW-1-19 on Xbox One and that it is a problem that it is recurringly presenting, because although it is true the console is perfectly adapted for games, here we have the opportunity to relax watching a movie or series thanks to the Xbox One supports Steaming services.

The important thing to enjoy this Netflix service is to have high-speed internet and be subscribed, but sometimes it is not enough and that is where the drawbacks come from, so knowing how to correct the NW-1-19 error code is Xbox One is shown as a very important task, but do not worry because we have looked for some solutions and here the explanations hoping that they can work.

No console or platform is exempt from suffering some inconveniences and this is specifically something of the most normal thing that allows the possibility of getting some fixes again to make everything work well, this error can specifically occur in some occasions to a bad configuration of the internet since this would avoid connecting with Netflix.

How to fix the error code NW-1-19 on Xbox One to enjoy Netflix?

Verify that the network works.

On some occasions the network does not always work perfectly so it will be necessary to guarantee that there are no failures and for this we must:

  • Open Settings on our Xbox One to press the menu button on our controller.
  • Then we will navigate until we reach Settings and then Red.
  • Then we will open Network Settings and proceed to press Test network connection.

Check that we are connected to a supported network.

Not all networks allow us to access services from some platforms, such as Netflix or social networks, which makes it a little more complex, causing problems, so it is necessary to know how to correct the NW-1-19 error code in Xbox One and the possibility of verifying that the connection to the sea is supported leads us to review, because on some occasions public WiFi networks can be an inconvenience, so it forces us to make changes to our mobile data, and proceed to look for more connections Stable as they can be through cable or some DSL connection that can be supported with Streaming and does not cause us problems.

Restart the router or unplug it.

Given the connection problem it may become necessary to have to disconnect the router and even the Xbox from the power and then wait until both can have a Netflix after a complete reboot and it is done like this:

  • We turn off the console and router, then disconnect them from the power.
  • We disconnect the internet cable from the modem.
  • We proceed to plug the cable into the Ethernet port of our Xbox.
  • We proceed to control our console and verify that everything is perfect.

Verify DNS settings.

Knowing How to fix the error code NW-1-19 on Xbox has simply made us consider several alternatives and specifically it is necessary to focus on the fact that DNS can be configured perfectly to be able to use Netflix, and this requires.

  • Go to start menu and open settings.
  • Then move to Settings to get to Network and from there to Network Settings.
  • Our job is to open Advanced Settings and then DNS Settings.
  • The idea is to configure it automatically and ready to access Netflix.

Contact the internet provider.

If you have exhausted all the previous solutions, it will be vital to contact the Internet provider, since they have the ability to configure the routers so that they can serve us and adapt them to our needs.

This is everything you should know about How to correct the NW-1-19 error code on Xbox One, since it is very easy to be able to enjoy all the content of Netflix to the fullest by using our console.

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