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Today we made a Destiny 2 guide for you in order to show you how to prepare the exodus, let's see.

Why prepare the exodus at Destiny 2?

The next expansion of this phenomenal game that has kept us captivated will be released in September and for this it is necessary to know how to prepare the exodus, because it will simply be necessary to talk to Zavala, that is ideal to be careful when speaking and this is `particularly due to that this has been becoming more cautious with the pyramids that bring darkness to the solar system, but in the same way it will require our help, it will only be necessary to go to the center behind the Eververse store and thus start this preparation trip.
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    How to prepare the exodus in Destiny 2?

    To achieve this, it is necessary to use 6 steps and they are as follows:

     Zavala will be in charge of giving us an initial task that will take us to Titan where it will be necessary to talk to Sloane and after that this search will become Task at Hand because our task here will focus on completing a weekly reward since this will serve so that Sloane In charge of defending against the pyramid, this implies eliminating Hive on Titan by completing 3 patrols or an available hit on Titan and defeating Hive, after which Sloane will be grateful since we are focusing on preparing the pancake.


    Preparing the novel data, io and plotting a drop.

     Our task to know How to prepare the exodus simply leads us to mobilize to io and talk with Asher for it we will go to a fast travel point of the Rupture, here we need to complete one of the three events that are presented to us or if we do not choose to carry out the 60 abilities against the enemies, because the idea here is to complete a reward and then go back to Asher in the Rupture as this is evidently giving way to the preparation of the planet in Destiny 2.

    Back again with Zavala.

     We have already done two jobs helping Sloane and Asher but this is not all our work, we still have a long way to go, this allows us to choose to receive a masterpiece grenade launcher, giving way to continue our search task that will precisely lead us to talk with brother Vance on Mercury and this is because he also requires our help.

    The preparation of Mercury the guide of a brother.

     Brother Vance is at the top of the tower on Mercury so we can choose to make a quick trip in Destiny 2, here it will be necessary to complete a weekly reward as this is part of our task to know how to prepare the exodus and after having completed the It is a reward to return to Brother Vance to continue the search.

    The activities to get the weekly reward are:

    •  Defeat 7 minotaurs or Hydras.
    • Complete a hit.
    • Perform 10 final attacks against fighters on Mercury.
    • Defeat 75 fighters.

    Prepare Mars support for Breytech.

     After leaving Mercury, our task is to visit Ana on Mars and talk to her in the large building we arrived at, since it is possible to use a quick trip to Braytech Futurescape, here there is also the need to complete a weekly reward then complete it back with Ana and continue because we have not yet finished with the objective of knowing how to prepare the exodus, the activities that we will do on Mars are.


    •  Make use of hand-to-hand combat with 25 combatants.
    • Strike on Mars.
    • Defeat 60 Thrails.
    • Defeat 75 fighters.


    Back again with Zavala.

     After having made these trips through Mercury and Mars respectively where we have helped brother Vance and Ana it will be necessary to return to Zavala because we must tell him everything we have done, here it is not possible to receive any weapon which could be frustrating but otherwise we can Unlocking Exodus from Triumph is to say to enable preparation and this is simply phenomenal in Destiny 2.

     Now that you know how to prepare the exodus it is simply time to try it and make your work open the door to the next update that Destiny 2 will bring.

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