Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-11-12 07:13:32

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Guide to learn how to use shatter damage in Destiny 2

 With the Destiny 2 DLC there are many new things to look into to learn how to use it properly such as the new added skill called Stasis. This is where you combine your use of Light and Darkness, becoming a hybrid Guardian who tries to unite them with your will, guiding them towards doing good.

The damage due to breakage and its use is very easy but being new you will have to adapt to it because it will be very useful for the missions assigned to you. So in this guide we will tell you everything you need to know about breakage damage.

How to use shatter damage in Destiny 2?

You can defeat an enemy using blunt damage if you freeze him completely and then defeat his allies. Once primary energy freezes, they explode when killed and damage nearby enemies.

Enemies destroyed by ice are considered broken damage, and this is how you progress through missions. The same goes for the grenade walls you make. If you destroy those pillars, they explode, damage, and potentially take out enemies afterward.
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Getting breakage damage done correctly can take a long time. You should try to freeze a larger enemy, damage the smaller ones around her, and then take out the frozen enemy before it unfreezes.

On the other hand, if you use your grenade and shoot the walls it produces to do the break damage, that works too. This can even work easily for those who are in firefighting teams.

  Now that you know how to
use shatter damage in Destiny 2 you can cause greater damage to your enemies as well as a series of very useful combos if you use it often. Luck!

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