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Angel Marquez
2020-07-09 16:09:57

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Find out how to get the Dragon Skin in this interesting and explanatory Valorant guide.

What to know about Valorant?

We will find interesting elements now that we are before the game fully launched, among those elements we have the need to know how to get the Dragon Skin, details that we will have in this guide, with some attention it will be enough, let's see what it is about.
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How to get the Dragon Skin in Valorant?

In order to give a different look to our weapons we are going to get the Dragon Skin, for this we must take into account that from July 10 it was available for purchase from the store, but we do not have the knowledge of the cost of the same, but with the date so close is the least, the time in which it will be available is also unknown, so it is better to take advantage of How to obtain the Dragon Skin at the first opportunity we have to obtain it with the Valorant Elderflame Ultra Edition, being this the first skin that we are going to have in the game, it is possible that later on our weapons will have many allusions to animals or anything else.

Patch 1.03 was released earlier this week, in order to make the game more eye-catching and featuring changes in how the fighting works, it is good to see that there are more statistics and for only 2500 credits, while additionally it is possible for unclassified games the requirement of 80 percent of the votes and not 100 percent as it was before for the players, there is a lot of content that was added to the full version of the game, among which stand out the skin like this one of the dragon, cosmetics and also changes in agent contracts and the rewards that can be obtained, if any of us have not explored Valorant, we must remember once again that it is a free FPS to play on PC.

 This is all we know so far from How to Get the Dragon Skin, that there are more details will be added in the content of this Valorant guide, so let's keep enjoying this amazing game.

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