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Guide to learn how to travel fast in the game of CrossCode

  For those unfamiliar with this game, CrossCode was developed by Radical Fish Games, and this was first released for PC via Steam in 2018, but will finally be released for Nintendo Switch this month.

Players will take control of a dumb heroine named Lea, as she plunges into the world of an MMORPG named CrossWorlds in an attempt to reclaim her lost memories. The map of this game is incredibly large, so there are many places to explore, so traveling will take you a long time, but we will still teach you how to do it faster and faster.

How to travel fast in the CrossCode game?

As we mentioned before, the game surprises users with its incredibly huge unusual map and the more you advance new places you unlock.

Although most of these locations can be approached on foot and via teleporters, eventually you will have unlocked so many locations that it will be difficult to simply re-run them manually. That's where the quick travel feature comes in.

To achieve this form of travel, you can only have it available when you unlock the first Dungeon that appears in the game called CrossWorlds and when you leave the dungeon, you can go to Rookie Harbor and visit the first city in the world. Once there, it will unlock a waypoint, thus working as a fast travel point.

Hold the ZL button and press the right button towards D-pad and the A button to select the map, you can use the analog stick to select the various landmarks available on your map. Then you must press button A when you have selected a waypoint to quickly travel there immediately.

 The How to travel fast in the game of CrossCode is something of the most useful thing for when you want to go back to previous locations to explore them more fully, so it will not be difficult for you to explore in each corner the incredible map that the developers.

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